Res­huf­fle 1.2 (no lon­ger avail­able)

"I you he she it" in a mess. Upload your own photos and reshuffle them – remember those folding books from your childhood. Great fun! Push the hair, eyes and mouths back and forth to mix new faces: laugh and wonder. If you like the result, post it to your Facebook wall (internet connection needed) and show it to your friends.

»It’s fun for the kids.
The title says it all. Kids love it!«
(sturgismike: 5 stars on AppCraver)

To get a first impression, take a look at the demo (version 1.0):

Import your own pictures into the app or take photos directly if your device has a built-in camera. Save albums with different photos and adjust your photos to fit perfect together. When a photo-set is displayed, you can change the four different parts with a wipe of your finger. When you shake the device, a random combination is shown.

Have fun!

Reshuffle on Facebook.