Res­huf­f­le 1.2 (no lon­ger avail­ab­le)

»I you he she it« in a mess. Upload your own pho­tos and res­huf­f­le them – re­mem­ber tho­se fol­ding books from your child­hood. Gre­at fun! Push the hair, eyes and mouths back and forth to mix new faces: laugh and won­der. If you like the re­sult, post it to your Face­book wall (in­ter­net con­nec­tion nee­ded) and show it to your fri­ends.

»It’s fun for the kids.
The tit­le says it all. Kids love it!«
(stur­gis­mi­ke: 5 stars on App­Cra­ver)

To get a first im­pres­si­on, take a look at the demo (ver­si­on 1.0):

Im­port your own pic­tures into the app or take pho­tos di­rect­ly if your de­vice has a built-in ca­me­ra. Save al­bums with dif­fe­rent pho­tos and ad­just your pho­tos to fit per­fect to­ge­ther. When a pho­to-set is dis­play­ed, you can chan­ge the four dif­fe­rent parts with a wipe of your fin­ger. When you shake the de­vice, a ran­dom com­bi­na­ti­on is shown.

Have fun!

Res­huf­f­le on Face­book.