Zeit­zei­chen 1.1 (no lon­ger avail­able)

Zeit­zei­chen is a clock, spe­cial in form and func­tion. Per­fect for the times when the unit is char­ging or is not ac­tive­ly used.

The four di­gits of the ac­tual time (24h) are dis­play­ed side by side (por­trait) or above each other (land­scape) in a rows of dots. At 16:42, for ex­am­ple, you will see 1 point in the first row, 6 in the se­cond, 4 in the third and 2 points in the last row.

The­re are three al­ter­na­ti­ve sty­les: LED, LCD are shown rea­li­s­tic with va­ri­ants, the gra­phi­cal­ly sty­le RGB lets you select co­lors of your own. To get a first im­pres­si­on of the app, take a look at the demo of ver­si­on 1.0 (na­med »De­ci­mal Time«):

(By the way: The lar­ge­st de­ci­mal clock in the world is in­stal­led on the Rhine Tower in Düs­sel­dorf, my home town. Per­haps that was a sub­con­scious re­a­son for ma­king this app as the first.)

LED and LCD of­fer many va­ria­ti­ons of back­ground and co­lor of the di­ode or the light point, RGB is open to choice.

(Info: the app »Zeit­zei­chen« has been re­na­med from »De­ci­mal Time«.)